Signing in to the System

Anyone with the court reservation password can reserve a court at . If you don't know the password please contact your administrator, .

Navigating the Reservation Sheet

When you first open up the reservation sheet it defaults to today's date. If you want to see and/or make a reservation for another day you can move to that day in one of two ways:

  1. You can step one day at a time either forward or backward by clicking on the left or right arrows next to the calendar icon just below the day, or
  2. Use the calendar tool. Clicking on the calendar icon will bring up a calendar popup (if you have popup blocking software you will need to configure it to allow popups on this site if you want to use the calendar). Simply click on the day you want and the reservation sheet will jump to that day.

Reserving a Court

Reserving a court is simple. Just follow these three easy steps:

Changing and/or Deleting an Existing Reservation

Changing a reservation is a simple as making one: